Survey Junkie Hacks: How To Maximize Your Rewards (Tips)

Survey Junkie hack

Looking for Survey Junkie hacks to maximize your earnings? If your answer is yes, then you are on the right page.

It is a free platform that lets users answer questions in exchange for PayPal cash or gift cards. It is an online community with over 11 million members. 

Survey Junkie pays users to take surveys for various companies. Most of the surveys are for consumers.

Survey Junkie is a company that provides survey-based feedback for companies. They do this by collecting feedback from their customers through surveys.

A survey junkie is someone who enjoys taking surveys. Survey junkies are typically rewarded for their participation with cash, prizes, or other rewards.

The company was founded in 2006 and has grown to become one of the largest survey providers in the world. The site pays out over $1 million every month in gift cards.

Their services are used by over 20 million people every day. They have offices in over 50 countries around the world, including the United States, Canada, Mexico and India.

Survey Junkie is one of the best survey sites that you can find on the internet. With Survey Junkie, you can make money by answering surveys. You get paid for your time and opinion!

Is Survey Junkie Legit?

“Is Survey Junkie Legit?” This is the question most people ask. The answer is an emphatic “yes.”

The site really pays. You will be paid for trading your time taking surveys. Survey Junkie is not a scam. It is a legitimate survey company, and a great way to make extra cash.

Of course, you will not get rich by taking the surveys but you will earn extra income.

But you won’t be scammed. Here are the hacks to maximize your Survey Junkie earnings.

10 Survey Junkie Hacks To Maximize Your Earnings

If you are qualified for a survey, Survey Junkie will send you an email. Check your emails regularly so that you don’t miss out on any paid surveys that come your way.

  1. Check Your Email Regularly

Survey Junkie surveys have an expiry end date. However, even if the end date is still days ahead, the survey will close when it already has enough completed responses.

  1. Join The Survey Junkie Affiliate Program

If you want to make more money with Survey Junkie? Then join their referral program. The Survey Junkie affiliate program affiliates can earn around $1.50.

This will enable you to earn a good amount of commissions. Simply share your affiliate link to family members, friends, and you are good to go.

If you have a blog, you can place the link on your blog so that each time someone signs up through your affiliate link, you get a 5% commission from their earnings during the first three months.

The more readers your blog has, the more you can earn passively from the affiliate program. Some affiliates are earning as high as $1000 in commissions.

  1. Don’t Procrastinate – Answer The Survey Right Away

As soon as you receive the email, log into your account, and answer the survey questions. DON’T Procrastinate! It only takes a few minutes to answer the questions.

Surveys quickly fill up. So check your email regularly. The surveys can be filled just a few minutes after Survey Junkie sends the email. Thus act fast to qualify for a survey

  1. Join Other Survey Sites 

Find other companies that are legitimate. Sign up and start earning commission from the survey sites.

Here are some other recommended survey sites that you can join to start making money:

  1. InboxDollars: Make money and get a $10 instant bonus. 
  1. LifePoints: You will earn up to $10 per survey and get a 10 point Bonus
  1. Swagbucks: Make money watching videos, taking surveys, shopping online and get a $5 Bonus

5. Be Sincere When Answering Surveys

Companies want accurate information to help them improve their services or products and this is the reason why they pay you. 

So answer the surveys candidly.

If you are caught lying, you could be banned from Survey Junkie.

6.  Complete Your Profile Properly

Your profile helps them to find surveys that are appropriate for you. Supply them the correct details so that you can receive the best surveys.

You will be asked about things like your educational background, your location, age, ethnic background, and your hobbies and interests. 

The more information you provide, the more opportunities you are likely to receive. Thus, make sure you furnish them with as much information as you can.

Of course lying in your profile will get you more opportunities but you can get banned from some sites. So be candid.

7. Set Goals

Before you sign up, make sure that you have a plan. Project how much money you want to make, and the hours you want to spend on surveys.

Take into consideration your current schedule. Having a plan will increase your chances of succeeding on Survey Junkie.

8.  Be Realistic

Don’t set unrealistic goals for yourself. Goals that will stress you out. Start setting smaller goals at first and see how they turn out to be. 

Then as time goes by. Start setting bigger goals. This way, you take the stress off of yourself.

9. Take Part In Focus Groups

Survey Junkie also has focus groups. Participating in focus groups can earn you a reasonable amount of money. 

You can earn up to $150 per session. So taking part in focus groups can really boost your income.

10. Refrain From Using a VPN

When answering surveys, don’t use a VPN. Most survey sites and cashback websites as well as reward websites will block you, if they detect that you are using a VPN. 

They do this because even people that are not eligible may try to trick survey sites. 

If you normally use a VPN, make sure to turn it off before you use Survey Junkie.

How It Works

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular survey apps available on the market. It is a great way to make some extra money or gain access to some amazing prizes.

Survey Junkie is an app that lets you take surveys and earn rewards in return. 

It’s a great app for people with an active lifestyle, as it allows you to take surveys anywhere, anytime. 

With Survey Junkie, users complete a profile and Survey Junkie matches users with surveys. By completing surveys you can earn anywhere from $0.20 to $3.50. 

The surveys are typically for various types of consumer goods. Completing a survey may take anywhere from 2 minutes to 30 minutes.

You can also earn money by completing various tasks such as:

  1. Completing a profile, 
  2. Validating an email address, and
  3. Installing a browser takes just a few seconds. 

You can earn around $0.25 to $1.00 for completing these tasks.

Depending on your localities, you can earn anywhere from $2.00 per hour to $5.00 per hour completing surveys on Survey Junkie.

You can also become a candidate for focus groups. As a member of a focus group, you can earn as much as $50 to $100 per hour.

You can’t cash out your earnings until you’ve earned 1,000 points – $10.00.

How To Sign Up With Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie sign up process is very simple. You can sign up with by visiting their site and following the instructions on how to get started.

The first step is to create a profile and give some basic information like gender, age, and country of residence.

After this, you will be asked to answer a few questions about your interests and hobbies. This will help them recommend surveys that are relevant to you.

It’s Unique Features

Survey Junkie offers many features that make it stand out from other survey sites, such as:

  1. A mobile app
  1. Reward point exchange
  1. A variety of available reward options

Survey Junkie has some other great features that set it apart from other survey software providers. 

For example, you can embed your surveys on your website or blog so they are easily accessible for visitors to take part in them.

Survey Junkie also offers data analysis tools that are very easy to use and provide valuable insights about your respondents’ demographics, their attitudes, and their behaviors.

It has another feature called “Survey in a Box” which provides templates for different types of surveys such as customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction, and more. 

Users can also customize their own survey by adding pictures, videos or audio files. 

Survey Junkie also offers an A/B testing feature that allows users to test out different versions of their survey and get feedback from respondents on which one they prefer.

How Much Will Survey Junkie Pay You  Per Hour?

Let’s do some arithmetic. For each survey, you will earn up to 10 to 200 . So let’s take a real example to figure out the hourly rate.

If you take a 10-point survey that’s projected to take between 6 to 8 minutes, and if 10 points are equivalent to $0.10, then you are likely to make $1 per hour. 

The amount of money you make with Survey Junkie depends on several factors such as how many survey invitations you get, the number of surveys you take, and how long each survey takes.

Who Should Use Survey Junkie?

It is an easy-to-use, free website that provides users with the opportunity to take surveys and make money. 

Survey Junkie is a survey site that is best for people who want to make money by answering surveys.

This site offers an opportunity to make money without spending too much time on it, which makes it perfect for students or people with busy schedules. 

It also has a wide range of topics, so if you are interested in any of these topics you can sign up.

Survey Junkie is a survey site that offers surveys on a variety of topics. They offer surveys for all age groups and demographics.

Survey Junkie is best for people who want to earn some extra cash, people who are looking for survey sites that offer surveys on a variety of topics, and people who want to take surveys online.

Pros Of The Company

  1. There are several daily survey opportunities
  1. The surveys can be conducted from anywhere with minimal effort
  1. These surveys mostly take about 15 minutes to complete
  1. Long expiration on points compared to other sites – 12 months
  1. A person has to be 13 years old in order to join
  1. Redeem points for your choice of a gift card or PayPal Cash
  1. It’s free to join

Cons Of The Company

  1. You must be citizen of the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, or Australia
  1. It’s only U.S. residents that can receive gift card payments
  1. Other side surveys pay more per hour
  1. A bank transfer from PayPal to your bank account could take a few business days
  1. Too few surveys offered to users

How Do You Get Paid On Survey Junkie?

Here is how you get paid:

  1. Survey Junkie Points to Cash

One point is equivalent to one cent. If you hit 1,000 points, you’ve reached the threshold for cashing out – $10. 

You can choose to transfer money to your PayPal cash account or redeem it for gift cards from Amazon or a variety of other stores and restaurants.

To keep your account active and make sure you keep your points, you just have to take a survey at least once every 12 months. 

With Survey Junkie, you can earn points even if you take a survey you don’t qualify for.

  1. Cashing Out

Paypal or Gift Cards. Survey Junkie pays through PayPal or by sending you gift cards to leading retailers like Amazon, Target, and Starbucks.

If you’d like the money instead of gift cards, you will need a PayPal account. 

Survey Junkie Hacks: Best Alternatives 

The gets a lot of attention from bloggers, especially those of us personal finance bloggers who write posts about side hustles and passive income.

Survey Junkie stands out partly because of its simplicity and it’s so well rated. 

You really can make some pocket change while standing in line at the DMV, or during the movie previews, by sharing your opinions about products and services.

  1. LifePoints

LifePoints is one of the great alternatives survey Junkie. 

Types of surveys conducted include:

  1. Health
  2. Sport
  3. Travel
  4. Other

LifePoints paid out over $22 million in the previous year.

When you get started, you are given 50 points. After you finish your first survey, you will be given another 50 points.

After setting up your account,  go to your personal dashboard. Here you will see your “Survey Spotlight” which shows surveys you have qualified for.

After you have earned 500 points, you can cash out for $5. Or continue to earn and redeem later.

2. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is another alternative Survey Junkie. It could be larger than Survey Junkie. In addition to surveys, you earn points for doing many other interesting things.

You can redeem your points for cash or prizes. So far, they have paid over $577 million in rewards.

You will earn rewards points for undertaking the following activities:

  1. Shopping
  2. Playing games
  3. Taking surveys
  4. Surfing the web

Download their browser search bar.  With this bar, you earn points each time you enter search keywords into your URL address bar.

They also have low redemption requirements. You can get gift cards with a value of $1. Gift cards are often put on sale.

With these sales, you get gift cards for fewer points. Popular gift cards include Visa, iTunes, and Walmart.

Payout starts at $25. Ensure to add on the Swagbucks browser extension to maximize your earnings.

3. Valued Opinions

Valued Opinions pays up to $5 per survey. In addition to the pay, reward options are gift cards and airline miles. They offer about 14 different gift card options. 

You are eligible to receive your gift card when your reward balance reaches $20.

It’s free to join.  

4. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is one of the best alternatives to Survey Junkie. The site offers several ways to make money online. 

Here are some tasks you can do to earn points:

  1. Playing games online
  2. Taking surveys
  3. Shopping online
  4. Searching the web

InboxDollars will send you emails that offer you opportunities to make money. One such example is product testing.

When you test the product, you will write a review to receive your payment. 

These tests can include playing new games and downloading new apps. InboxDollars has a minimum payout of $30.

  1. Toluna

Toluna is one of the biggest and best alternatives to Survey Junkie. This survey website has over 10 million members. You can get paid 3,000 to 6,000 points for each survey.

You will have to answer surveys bordering on your:

  1. Opinions on products
  2. Shopping habits
  3. Services you have used

If you are taking long surveys, you can earn up to 50,000 points. If you do not qualify for a survey, you will earn 15 points for answering the qualifying questions.

Toluna offers a redemption requirement of 30,000 points for $10 gift cards and merchandise prizes. 

PayPal cash is available in $30 increments and requires 90,000 points for the basic $30 reward.

You can also enjoy redeeming your points for “gifties.” This enables you to buy apps, magazine subscriptions, and other products for as little as 50 points.

What You Should Know About Online Surveys

Surveys can be a fun way to earn some extra money or to get free products in the mail. They can also be a great way to find out about new products and services.

What You Should Know About Online Surveys:

  1. Online surveys are often less time consuming than phone surveys
  1. Online surveys often pay much better than phone surveys
  1. You may need to spend some time on your computer, but you don’t need any special skills

Online surveys are often used by companies that need to collect responses from a large group of people to help them improve their services or products.

These surveys can be done on the company’s website, through an email, or through social media. 

People who take these surveys usually get paid for their time, but it can vary depending on the company and the length of the survey.

Survey Junkie is one of the most popular survey sites online because it offers reliable payouts and has a wide variety of survey topics. 

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Summary: Survey Junkie Hacks

Survey Junkie is a survey site. It is one of the most popular survey sites out there and it is valued for its high payouts, fast payouts, and easy sign up process.

It is a free online survey software that makes it easy to create surveys, publish them, and analyze the results.

Surveys are a great way to make money online.

  1. Sign up for Survey Junkie.
  1. You will be asked to answer a few questions about yourself, and then they’ll match you with surveys that you’ll be qualified for.
  1. Then earn in the range of $0.25-$1.00 per survey, depending on the length and topic of the survey.

You need Survey Junkie hacks to enable you to succeed on the platform. Follow them to start making money with paid surveys. 

Survey Junkie hack

The hacks to help you earn extra money on Survey Junkie:

  1. Install the Survey Junkie Pulse browser extension to earn passive points if you wish Survey Junkie to monitor your web activities.
  1. Use the Survey Junkie referral (affiliate) program to get points for convincing others to sign up
  1. Create a separate email account solely for Survey Junkie so that you don’t  miss a survey opportunity.

These survey Junkie hacks will maximize your earnings.

What do you think about these Survey Junkie hacks? Leave your comment in the comment section below.

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