300 Good Social Media Names For You 2022

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Choosing the best name for your social media is one of the first steps you have to do as an entrepreneur. Don’t copy from other social media names. Think of something unique that will attract followers.

Make sure it’s easy to remember and gives a sense of what makes your media brand special. 

Ensure that it reads well, has a nice sound to it, and creates the positive emotions you want to be associated with your brand.

This article will help you find:

  • a strong and unique name for your company,
  • meaning of media
  • meaning of social media
  • how To Name a Media Company

So let’s dive in!

Here’s the list of media companies.

Social Media Company Names

  • Mediaorzo
  • Companypad
  • Company Peer
  • Medialaza
  • Companyonus
  • Media Reboot
  • Media Net
  • Media Major
  • Company Contributor
  • Company Immense
  • Company Mega
  • Companyable
  • Companyque
  • Companyly
  • Mediaella
  • Company Cloud
  • Mediaopedia
  • Companyx
  • Companyegy
  • Mediaporium
  • Company Climax
  • Company National
  • Company Horizon
  • Company Operator
  • Company Catalyst
  • Company Ward
  • Company Savvy
  • Media Press
  • Media Ally
  • Company Cornerstone
  • Media Algorithm
  • Company Data
  • Company Medium
  • Media Abstract
  • Media Bound
  • Company Ignite
  • Media Acknowledged
  • Media Dev
  • Company Bastion
  • Company Obelisk
  • Company Sentry
  • Media Agent
  • Company Focus
  • Media Discuss
  • Media Radar
  • Media Mobile
  • Media Tec
  • Media Republic
  • Company Brief
  • Company Indicator
  • Media Force
  • Media Motion
  • Company Origin
  • Company Made
  • Company Sage
  • Company Sentinel
  • Media Comman
  • Media Redux
  • Media Pulse
  • Company Collective
  • Blackout Media
  • Surge Social
  • Outlook Social
  • Origin Media
  • Arclight Media
  • Soft Media
  • Birdseye Media
  • Quest Media
  • Link Social
  • Nest Social
  • Disk Social
  • Agent Social
  • Tribune Media
  • Convert Media
  • Spread Media
  • Crowd Social
  • Lantern Media
  • Suite Media
  • Publish Social
  • Play Social
  • Audit Social
  • Hack Social
  • Pursuit Media
  • Absolute Media
  • Desk Media
  • Sentry Social
  • Socibes
  • Infinity Social
  • Inquire Media
  • Check Media
  • Variable Social
  • Contributor Media
  • Brief Social
  • Gen Social
  • Truth Social
  • Flight Social
  • Medialance
  • Post Social
  • Bold Media
  • Buzz Media
  • Forward Media
  • Mediahut
  • Methodical Social
  • Key Media
  • Operation Media
  • Check Media
  • Mediaooze
  • Quest Media
  • Typewriter Media
  • Modular Media
  • Blue Ocean Social
  • Bravo Media
  • Mediaado
  • Socideck
  • Socitastic
  • Core Social
  • Inquisition Media
  • Watchman Social
  • Sonic Social
  • Republic Media

Social Media Marketing Business Names

  • Accent Business
  • Publicist Marketing
  • Challenge Media
  • Spire Social
  • Public Social
  • Post Media
  • Variety Business
  • Compact Social
  • Persona Social
  • Sprout Social
  • Fuel Media
  • Eagle Social
  • Relevant Media
  • Rubicon Media
  • Inspire Social
  • Storm Media
  • Line Social
  • Invision Business
  • Loud Media
  • Navigator Business
  • Illuminate Marketing
  • Marketingoont
  • Algorithm Media
  • Ally Social
  • Medium Marketing
  • Share Marketing
  • Republic Business
  • Inquisition Marketing
  • Enhanced Media
  • Indicator Business
  • Lift Marketing
  • Observe Media
  • Bot Media
  • Link Business
  • Trust Social
  • Limitless Marketing
  • Journal Business
  • Solution Media
  • Task Marketing
  • Forum Media
  • Arrow Media
  • Native Social
  • Post Business
  • Pilot Social
  • Disk Marketing
  • Collab Marketing
  • Index Social
  • Abstract Marketing
  • Methodical Social
  • Associate Social
  • Meta Social
  • Vista Marketing
  • Inform Marketing
  • Stance Social
  • Operation Marketing
  • Auto Marketing
  • Play Marketing
  • Mediaegy
  • Dynamic Marketing
  • Activator Marketing
  • Horizon Social
  • Alpha Social
  • Flow Social
  • Appsistic
  • Geek Social
  • Engine Social
  • Assassin Media
  • Byte Apps
  • Void Social
  • Talent Media
  • Recorder Social
  • Pilot Social
  • Sensor Social
  • Bandit Social
  • Sage Social
  • Ace Apps
  • Broadcast Media
  • Script Apps
  • Found Apps
  • Goliath Social
  • Headway Apps
  • Index Apps
  • Sniper Apps
  • Catalyst Apps
  • Smart Apps
  • Gen Social
  • Report Apps
  • Arrowhead Apps
  • Cult Social
  • Demon Media
  • Skeptic Media
  • Alt Media
  • Mercy Media
  • Arclight Social
  • Typist Media
  • Fleet Social
  • Hyper Media
  • Mark Media
  • Deliver Apps
  • Check Social
  • Data Social
  • Ally Apps
  • Rave Social
  • Savvy Media
  • Socitastic
  • Appsverse
  • Progress Apps
  • Think Apps
  • Prospect Media
  • Pulse Social
  • Frontier Apps
  • Peak Media
  • Republic Apps
  • Team Apps
  • Attitude Apps
  • Savvy Apps
  • Masses Social
  • Chronicle Apps
  • Maze Social
  • Orc Apps

Social Media Marketing Names

  • Wire Marketing
  • Linkage Social
  • Direct Social
  • Patrol Media
  • Horizon Media
  • Zen Social
  • Tide Social
  • Social Social
  • Linkage Media
  • Establish Marketing
  • Wide Social
  • Atlas Social
  • Hyper Social
  • Council Media
  • Logic Marketing
  • Operation Marketing
  • Lime Media
  • Shout Social
  • Inspire Social
  • Expression Social
  • Point Media
  • Medialy
  • Bloom Social
  • Artificial Media
  • Reach Social
  • Vanguard Social
  • Gazetteer Media
  • Communication Marketing
  • Inquirer Media
  • Jockey Social
  • Socisy
  • Action Marketing
  • Standard Media
  • Brief Media
  • Shout Social
  • Surface Media
  • Capital Media
  • Tribune Social
  • Nurture Social
  • Discussion Marketing
  • Simplify Social
  • Marketingbia
  • Line Media
  • Up Media
  • Talk Social
  • Dial Social
  • Mediaify
  • Traction Social
  • Build Marketing
  • Veritas Marketing
  • Global Media
  • Peer Social
  • Link Marketing
  • Solar Marketing
  • Signal Marketing
  • Flow Media
  • Masters Marketing
  • Objective Social
  • Solution Media
  • Socisy

What Is Media? 

Media refers to the communication channels through which we communicate news, music, movies, and education.

Examples of media include:

  • newspapers,
  •  magazines, 
  • television, 
  • radio, 
  • billboards, 
  • telephone, 
  • the Internet, 
  • fax and billboards.

In a nutshell, media simply means the various ways through which we communicate in our neighborhoods. 

But when talking about reaching a very large number of people, we say mass media. Local media refers to your local newspaper or regional TV/radio channels.

Different Types Of Media

Media is divided into two main categories: electronic and print. The Internet has also emerged as another type of media. 

Print Media includes all types of publications such as:

  • newspapers, 
  • journals, 
  • magazines, 
  • books and 
  • reports,
  • internet

It is the oldest type and is still used by many people in the world.

What Is Social Media?

Simply put, social media is a collection of online communication channels where communities engage one another, share content and work together.

Examples of social media include:

  • Websites,
  • apps, 
  • microblogging, 
  • forums, and
  • social bookmarking.

Nevertheless, the most famous social networking companies are Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Instagram.

How To Name a Media Company

A step-by-step guide to coming up with a unique, compelling, and powerful media company name.

  • Brainstorm Names

Think of some names. List down these names on a piece of paper. Write down any name you can think of.

After coming up with a list of names, highlight those you think are great. This is necessary as it will help you focus on the most important names. 

You can use single words or concepts related to your media business to help you get to the final name.

  • Carry Out a Research

Carry out research before you name your media company.

If you are serious and have got a business plan for your media company, then the research should be conducted to furnish you with ideas for words, phrases, and concepts that fit your brand.

Find out from your would-be clients what they think about the proposed name.

While you’re asking them, be sure to write down words, phrases, and concepts that they associate with the work you do.

Consult players in your industry. Alternatively, you can write down your favorite names from the most successful in your industry. Draw lessons from their names if any.

  • Use  Words Related To Your Business

Look at the words you have used in your mission statement and aim. Are they significant? Can they help you to come up with a good media name?

Another aspect that can help you come with a good name is the core values of your brand. Make a list of those values and then extract words and concepts from the list.

Write down words that are commonly used by your company, words that have a specific meaning in your industry.

If you deem it fit, you can also consider words from the wider culture surrounding your industry.

  • Consider Local Vocabulary

Cities and city nicknames can sometimes work well for a local media company. For example, The New York Times.

You can look at your street name. A street name can help people find your media company, make naming easy, and connect it to a neighborhood. 

  •  Use a Name Generator

A name generator such as NameSnack can help combine your ideas and make associations that you were not thinking of.

Write down any media company names you like. NameSnack will suggest names.  

  • Check availability

Check if the name is available. Use a domain registrar. I recommend Namecheap. If the business name is already in use for a similar business in your state, it’s likely you won’t be able to use it.

  • Register The Name With Authorities

Register the name in the country where you are based.

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