REI Affiliate Program: Make More Than $1,000/Month

REI affiliate program

Looking to join an affiliate program for outdoor gear? Join the REI Affiliate Program and start monetizing your website.

If you have a great outdoor activities blog looking for extra income, you can join the affiliate program.

Research shows that it is the most promoted affiliate program for outdoor gear after Amazon. The program provides an easy way to make money online with your blog for all outdoor recreations.

About The Company: Overview

Recreational Equipment commonly known as REI is an American retail and outdoor recreation services corporation. It is organized as a consumers’ co-operative.

REI sells sporting goods, camping gear, travel equipment, and clothing. It also offers services such as outdoor-oriented vacations and courses.

It operates 165 retail stores in 39 states. It also receives orders via mail-order catalogs and the internet. REI’s annual revenue for 2019 was US$3.12 billion.

Today, it is consumer-oriented goods, especially clothing and family camping equipment. REI continues to sell climbing and backpacking gear.

REI Affiliate Program Review

REI is a giant retailer of sporting goods, camping gear, and outdoor clothing. This affiliate program has a 5% commission on qualifying sales through affiliate links.

The tracking cookie duration for the affiliate program is a standard 30-day duration. This means that you have 30 days from the time they click your affiliate link to the time they make a purchase in order to get a commission for that customer.

Generally speaking, REI’s affiliate program is a solid choice for those looking to earn money through their website.

Commission Rate & Other Details

  • Their commision rate is 5%
  • They have a 15-day cookie
  • Average order value is over $120
  • Free shipping to an REI Store for pickup
  • Free shipping on orders $50 
  • Purchases made online can be returned to any of 144 REI stores

How To Join The REI Affiliate Program

REI‘s affiliate program is managed by Avantlink. If you have decent traffic, joining the affiliate program is not difficult. It’s very simple. 

Avantlink, however, demands that its affiliates have sites with an Alexa ranking of at least 3,000,000. 

To become an affiliate, take the following steps:

  • Head over to AvantLink to initiate the application process
  • Fill out and submit the application for the REI program to be reviewed by their team
  • Once approved, you will be able to use and links on your site. 
  • Your visitors go to the REI website via the links you share, and any sale made means you get paid.  
  • Track your clicks and commissions through the AvantLink interface.

AvantLink’s interface is user-friendly. It allows you to track all the clicks and commissions, to help you know what’s happening.

Affiliate Tools and Support

There are several benefits that come with

 REI uses Avantlink for managing its affiliate program.

The REI affiliates have access to support and tools. Avantlink tools include:

  • RSS Deal Feed Syndication: Users can subscribe to RSS feeds
  • Deal of the Day: Publish REI Deal of the day
  • Custom Link Builder:  Easy to use custom link builder
  • AvantLink WordPress Plugin: Plugin that supports REI affiliate
  • Merchant Ads: Automatic updates with Javascript and HTML
  • AvantLink App Market: lots of apps from third parties
  • Affiliate Link Encoder: Automatically create links
  • Contextual Ad Tool: Automatic content relevant merchant ads
  • Product Ad Widget: Widgets for your blog
  • Product Content Widget:  Information and image widget
  • Dynamic Deal Feed: Data feeds for your blog
  • Paid Placement: Default display ads
  • Data Feed Manager: Dynamic data feed
  • AvantLink API: api for developers to discover products

Avantlink also makes use of Tipalti for its payouts. This is an all-in-one solution for payouts, filing taxes, and managing finances.

How To Make 00 In a Month

Just like any other affiliate program, making money with the REI affiliate program is not as difficult as rocket science.

With a great strategy in place, you can realize your goal of making $1000 in a month.

Let me illustrate how you can do that easily.  Suppose you are promoting women’s jackets called Radalie Insulated Parka which costs $199.00. 

If the commission is 5%. Find 5% of $199.00.

5% of $199.00 is $9.95. To make $1000, you need to refer 101 customers to the website to make purchases.

In other words, you need to make 101 sales in a month for you to earn $1000 in commission. If you have a well-established and authoritative website, this may be low-hanging fruit. 

The REI Program: Pros and Cons


  • It’s one of the best, industry leading brands in its market
  • They give 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • There’s a requirement for shopping through the site. It requires a membership

Why You Should Promote REI

  • REI is a well known leader in the outdoor industry dating as far back as 1938
  • is the Internet’s largest outdoor store that offers a variety of trusted gear as well as expert advice and in-depth information bordering on products and outdoor recreation
  • REI has a loyal customer and membership base
  • There’s a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee and free shipping to local stores help to convert visitors into REI customers
  • The affiliate program pays up to 5% on all sales.
  • The program is available through AvantLink where partners will find detailed tracking information, creative assets, and affiliate support.

Executive Summary

REI has an affiliate marketing program so you can earn 5% commissions by referring new customers to REI’s website with their 30 days cookie.

Their affiliate marketing program is managed by Avantlink. Avantlink requires its affiliates to have sites with authority. 

They want the ranking of their affiliates on Alexa ranking to be at least 3,000,000. 

REI is well-established and trusted by many outdoor enthusiasts. The co-op offers an awesome cookie and potential for high conversion.

They have over 150 stores, great tools, and support for affiliates and are the leaders in the outdoor and adventure niche.

If you are looking to make some money from outdoor gear, I recommend you join the affiliate program.

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