9 Reasons Why You Should Create a Blog In 2022

Why you should start a blog

Globally, there are over 600 million blogs. The number of blogs increases virtually every day. Do you know the reasons why you should create a blog?

Well, people blog for several reasons and the reasons vary from one individual to another.

In this article, I’ll talk about 9 reasons why you should create a blog, how to do it, and examples of bloggers who have been able to do it successfully.

The Reasons Why You Should Create a Blog

Here are the reasons:

  • To make money
  • To save people’s lives
  • To convert people
  • To entertain people
  • To gain popularity
  • To inform people
  • To enlighten people
  • To educate people
  • To preserve culture

1. Blog To Make Money

Most people have turned their dreams into online businesses. Blogging is their side hustle or full-time job. They make a living out of a blog. You can start a blog and earn a living from it. Blogging is a lucrative business.

How to do it.

To earn a living from a blog, you need to do it the right way. This is what you need to do. Take the following 7 easy steps:

1. Choose a profitable niche

A niche is a topic that you will be writing about. Find a niche that will enable you to make money. If the niche has potential customers, then go after it.

2. Buy a domain name

A domain name is simply the name of your blog address. For example, www.visionaryblogger.com. Choose a suitable domain for your blog. 

Points to consider when coming up with a domain name:

  • Flexibility. If your first niche fails, you should be able to use it for another niche and will still be ideal.
  • Easier to recall. Your domain name should be easier for people to remember.

After choosing your domain name, visit Namecheap to register it. Namecheap offers domain names at affordable prices. Its interface is easy to navigate.

Above all, Namecheap offers your domain name lifetime privacy which other registrars charge exorbitantly.

3. Buy hosting for your blog

A web host is a server online where your blog will be stored. The best web hosting for beginners is Bluehost. It is the best web hosting for everyone aspiring to be a successful blogger. Therefore, visit Bluehost to get hosting for your blog.

4. Install WordPress on your hosting

WordPress is a content management system (CMS). In short, this is where you will be writing your content.

5. Then install a customizable WordPress theme

A theme gives your blog its appearance. I recommend the Astra theme. It is a great theme.

6.Write your blog posts and promote them

Share your blog URL on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others.

7. Monetize your blog

There are different ways of monetizing blogs. The common strategies are:

  • Google Adsense. Apply to Google to display Ads on your blog to start earning money from your blog.
  • Affiliate marketing. Recommend goods and services produced or offered by companies and get paid an activity fee called commission.
  • Sell your own products. Create your own products and start selling on your blog.  

P.S. If you need more information, read my step-by-step guide on how to start a blog

How some bloggers are making money blogging.

There are so many bloggers in tens of thousands of locations who are making a lot of money blogging. Here’s one example:

Anil Agarwal was able to make more than $140,000 in 2020 from his blog. He explains he made his money from the following strategies:

  • Affiliate marketing. He stresses that most of his income comes from affiliate marketing.
  • Google Adsense. He displays Ads on his blog and he realizes money from the Ads.
  • Selling digital products. He has also written ebooks that he sells to his audience.
  • Selling online courses. He has developed courses which he sells to his readers and audience.

However, other bloggers are doing far much better than Anil Agarwal

2. Create a Blog To save Lives Of People

Most citizens in developing countries don’t have access to quality health care services. Because it is not available or it is expensive. So they can’t afford it.

Hence tens of thousands of lives have been lost due to lack of medical services. However, some people have been able to access information related to health online from bloggers who are trained as health practitioners.

Sometimes, these bloggers write prescriptions for certain medications. So this cuts down on the costs of constitutions. They spend their little money on purchasing the drug.

Skipping consultation helps them to afford and access health care services. So if you are trained medical personnel, start a blog and help people who can’t access quality health services.

How to do it.

Write about different diseases that affect people. Explain how the diseases come about, signs and symptoms, how to treat them, and the ways to prevent them. In some cases, offer prescriptions.

P.S. You will have to comply with Google’s Expertise, Authoritativeness & Trustworthiness (E-A-T). Content in this niche is validated if you are a medical practitioner. But E-A-T is not a direct ranking factor.

How some bloggers are saving the lives of people.

Here’s one practical example:

The American Lung Association is saving the lives of people in different ways. They write articles that help people associate signs and symptoms with diseases as well as treatments for diseases. 

For example, to help people identify Tuberculosis (T.B), they have written a comprehensive article on symptoms of T.B. This article enables people to identify T.B and they seek medical attention immediately to save their lives.

3. To convert people

There are so many blogs that write about religion. These blogs have changed people’s lives and character. People who were not believers have come to know God.

The messages shared on the blogs have brought salvation to people. Create a blog and help people learn about Christ Jesus.

How to do it.

Focus on the inspired scriptures. Explain the messages found in the scriptures written in God’s holy books. Show how different concepts in the scriptures can be applied in this day and age.

How some bloggers are converting people.

A good number of bloggers who write about the word of God on their blogs have impacted positively on the lives of people. Here’s a practical example of such a blogger: Active Christianity

They give hope to people. For example, an excerpt from one of their blogs says this: 

A song will usher in the end of time on this earth and the beginning of a new era. (Revelation 14:3.) It will be full of thankfulness and praise to Jesus and how He led us home to be with our Father in His heavenly kingdom with no sorrow, sickness, or suffering.

Those who are given hope which is a valuable attribute in human life. It is said:

Hope has sustaining power.

4. To Entertain People

The internet resonates with entertainment. Today, there are so many blogs that are offering entertainment. This entertainment ranges from audio to video. 

Some blogs just upload video songs to entertain the masses. While others upload audio songs. Upload your thrilling songs on a blog to put your country on the map.

How to do it.

Compose awesome songs and upload them on your blog for your followers. If you want to entertain your audience through videos, you will have to create quality videos for them.

How some bloggers are entertaining people.

There are so many blogs out there that offer entertainment. For example, TMZ is an entertainment blog that covers the latest entertainment news in Australia and around the world. They prepare articles that cover celebrity lifestyles and other entertaining things. It is an entertaining blog indeed.

5. People Blog To Become Famous

Blogging is a great way you can expose yourself. Blogging will help you interact with different people from all walks of life. You will not only be read by people within your country but also from other countries.

So this interaction will expose you to the rest of the world. A lot of people from other countries will get to know you. Do you want to become famous? Create a blog if you want to become famous.

How to do it.

Strive hard to be good at what you do. Having a talent in a particular field or area will be an added advantage. Work extra hard to beat your competition. Gain recognition for your outstanding performance.

How some bloggers have become famous.

For example, Pat Flynn is a famous blogger in the world.

After losing his job, Pat started a website called “SmartPassiveIncome.com”. He has built a massive following and readership. He earns, on average, about USD 50,000 per month. Pat has inspired a lot of people and this has made him famous.

6. To Inform People

There are a lot of things that are happening in our counties and other parts of the world. People need to be informed about these happenings. Today, there are thousands of news blogs globally. People can know what is happening in all corners of the world owing to news blogs.

Because of the availability of news blogs, the world is now referred to as a ‘global village’. People want to know what is happening in your area. So share the news with the rest of the world on your blog.

How to do it.

Create a news blog. Share with the world what is happening in all the parts of the world. Find reliable people that will be giving you information about what is going on in other areas. But to succeed, you have to be giving people factual information. 

How some bloggers are informing people.

One of the news blogs is Business Insider. When it was launched in February 2009, its news focused on technology, financial and media.

But now it also informs people what is happening in the world of sports, travel, and entertainment. The blog offers some of the most up-to-date information on current events and related topics.

7. To Enlighten People

Information about businesses was difficult to come by two decades ago. But this is not the case today. Information about businesses can be accessed easily today.

There are a host of blogs on personal finance, small businesses, saving, and investing. Simply search for the information you are looking for concerning businesses and you will access it right away.

The level of poverty in most countries is high. People need to be enlightened to get from the shackles of poverty.

So if you have an experience, share it with others on your blog.

How to do it.

Pick a topic related to income generation as your blog niche. Don’t choose a broad topic. Choosing a broad topic will make it difficult for you to have an audience.

So choose a specific topic. For example, how to save money. This is a specific topic.

How some bloggers are enlightening people.

For example Forbes, it’s a leading source for reliable business news and financial information. They have a section called the entrepreneurs’ section.

This is where they offer business news and financial information to entrepreneurs and small business owners.  They have top-notch content on business and entrepreneurship.

8. To Educate Others

Education is the best investment one can make in life. It is the greatest equalizer. So it is extremely expensive to acquire. But most of the educational information can be accessed freely on blogs.

Students taking literature in English, for example, access expensive literature books without being charged a cent. Students can access free educational information from blogs.

How to do it.

Start blogging and start offering tuitions or coaching services. For example, if you are good at mathematics, start teaching mathematics on your blog.

To succeed, find out the challenges people are facing in those areas. Then think of how those problems are going to be sorted out. Once you figure out how to solve the problems, offer the solutions to your audience to sort out their problems.

How some bloggers are educating people.

The Learning Network, which is a blog is under the New York Times. They target teachers, students, and parents who want to use the NYT’s content as inspiration for teaching materials.

Teachers can use the section ‘Text to text ‘ as lesson plans in subjects like Civics, Current Events, and Social Studies. Students who are over 13 years old can comment on stories in the section Student Opinion section.

9. Start Blogging To Preserve Your Rich Cultures

Source: Royal Kutachika.

Culture needs to be preserved. Future generations will learn about our way of life if the culture will be preserved. One way culture can be preserved is by writing. There are thousands of blogs that write about culture.

They explain what people in a particular tribe as their way of life. They explain the meaning of names used in their language. Therefore, preserve your rich cultures through blogging.

How to do it.

Name a tribe and write about practices that are peculiar to that tribe. Explain what they do as a tribe that makes them unique. Interview elderly people in the tribe to furnish you with information about the tribe.

How some bloggers are preserving culture.

The best example in this regard is the BBC News » Culture. The blog features and special reports from the worlds of culture, art, film, music, and style. They focus on different cultures.

Summary: Reasons Why You Should Create a Blog

People blog for various reasons. But the major reasons why you should create a blog are to make money, save lives, educate people, entertain people, convert people, enlighten people, preserve culture, and gain popularity. Well, these are some of the reasons why people blog.

Share with us the reasons why you think people should blog. Leave your comment below.

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