How To Write Awsome Product Reviews That Convert

How to write product reviews

Are you wondering how to write a review of a Product that converts? It’s important to learn how to write reviews.

So what are product reviews?

Product reviews are the feedback of customers for a particular product. Many online businesses create a review section on their website to allow customers to rate and review the product they purchased.

A product review helps other users get a clear idea of the product before purchasing it. They can read the reviews and make their informed decision to buy.

So if you have not added a product review section on your eCommerce website, only because of fearing negative reviews, you are losing out on a huge number of potential customers.

Why Online Reviews Are Important For Your Brand

1. They Make Your Brand SeemTrustworthy

Reviews are powerful at building your company’s online identity. Companies with better average ratings are significantly more likely to see views converted to traffic and sales. 

2. They Increase Sales

Reviews increase your business income. So brands that are viewed positively have better sales, but even improving your star rating can have a positive effect on your sales. Well, even a small improvement can have a great impact.

3. They Help Buyers Make Good Decisions

When people talk about you on social media,  they know the best places to go for quality goods and services. Because most shoppers think that online reviews are an essential part of the decision-making process. 

4. They Improve Customer Service

They help your company understand overall customer satisfaction, as they can provide your business with feedback regarding what your customers truly want. So you will create a positive experience for the consumer and keep your focus on their needs.

5. They Give Customers A Chance To Add A Voice 

When they leave a review and establish a relationship with your business, consumers feel like they have a voice in improving the quality of the services or goods being produced. 

How To Write a Review Of a Product

1. List the Pros and Cons Of The Product

Talk about the shortcomings as well as the strengths of the product. One way you can do this is by comparing it with another product. You need to be truthful in your review. You might consider laying out the positives and negatives side-by-side in a table format for comparison purposes.

2.Get To  Know the Product Better 

If you want your readers to trust you, you need to have some experience with the product. Once you know the product better, your review becomes more trustworthy. So first use the product and understand its features and benefits.

3. Furnish Them With Practical Relevant Examples

Give relevant examples of the product in use, especially if you feel it’s worth buying.

Include the following:

  • Pictures
  • Videos
  • audio

This should be done where necessary.

5. Your Reviews Must Be Unbiased 

Under normal circumstances, reviews seek to analyze the pros and cons of a product as it relates to the target audience. 

So the reviewer should not have a special relationship with the host company to prevent bias in the reviewing process.

6. Get To Understand Your Readers

It’s important what your readers are looking for in a product. First, think of what your readers care about most. Thus you will know the kind of reviews to write for your audience.

7. Choose A Good Product To Promote 

Choose a product you will promote. You must make sure it is something you like and can use. 

You can promote the following:

  • Online services, 
  • software, 
  • technology tools, 
  • healthcare products, 
  • household gadgets, 
  • exercise equipment and 
  • books.

Why People Read Reviews

Consumers read reviews because they believe that reviews will help them make the right decisions when making a purchase. So consumers read reviews because of reviews:

  • Offer valuable guidance from people who’ve used the service or product
  • Make it easier for shoppers to decide
  • Attest to a company’s reliability
  • Indicate what’s the best and worst that could happen
  • Give consumers insight about product quality

Why People Write a Review Of a Product

  •  Care

Consumers who had a good experience with a product may want to let others know about it to help them have the same wonderful experience too. 

A positive review is a way of rewarding a company for the awesome service they are offering. 

Sharing their experience, they can help other parents with their decision about which product to buy.

  • They Enhance The Quality Of Products 

When a customer identifies a problem in the product,  then the company will be compelled to improve the products for a good customer experience.

Most of the time, negative reviews are important to companies and brands. This is because they help companies to improve the quality of their products.

  •  To Thank A Company

If a person received great service, they sometimes leave a testimonial. To show how grateful you are to the company, give them a positive review.

How To Deal With Negative Reviews

How do you deal with negative reviews? No matter what your is towards negative reviews, deal with it in the following ways:

  • Your response must be quick
  • Admit your shortcomings
  • Your statements must be consistent
  • Be quick to correct wrong things
  • Share your strengths
  • Ask loyal customers to share their experiences
  • Understand How Rating and Review Sites Work

List Of Platforms Where To write a Review Of a Product

General Reviews

  • Google My Business
  • Amazon
  • Yahoo
  • Yellow pages
  • Trustpilot
  • Social review sites

Social Review Site

  • Placing a review on Facebook company pages
  • Reviewing a company by video on YouTube

Industry-specific review sites

  • Food and drink: TripAdvisor
  • Travel and hospitality: Air
  •, Expedia, Hotel
  • UK Cleaning Company
  • Computer Repair 

Product Review Templates

If you’re a blogger, writing product reviews for your target audience is an awesome way to make money. A good review should help buyers make a good purchasing decision.

Following is a product review template for general use:

Reviews For General Products

  • First Introduce the product (Indicate it’s name)
  • List key product features
  • Talk about benefits of using it  the product
  • Highlight it’s  pros and cons
  • Explain its intended target;
  • Mention it’s price and purchase information.

How To Write a Review Of a Product For Affiliate Marketing On a Blog

  • Write Title Of Article

Use the title to hook your readers. So when crafting your article titles, make sure they are eye-catching and descriptive. Offer something of value in the title.

  • Your Introduction

Write your Introduction roughly between one and two paragraphs long. However, this will depend on what you want to write about.

Include a call to action (CTA) as well as an affiliate link. These should be in the third or fourth sentence of your Introduction. 

  • Include An Image

The image should serve a particular purpose. Each image you select should offer some kind of value to the reader and influence their decision to buy a product.

  • Make Comparisons

List all the products you are reviewing in the article with some key information about each. I recommend you use a comparison table.

A comparison table allows them to choose the product they are interested in. 

So with the summarized data in one place, you are allowing them to see a side-by-side view of all the products in one spot.

  • Talk About Features

Outline two to three features for each product. Break the content into subheadings to discuss the main features.

  • Write What Customers Say About The Product

Read the customer reviews for each product from several different sites and consolidate this information and summarize it for your own review.

  • Recommendations 

Share your views with your readers on the product. Your recommendations must be based on the experience you had when using the product.

  • Conclusion

Include another CTA right at the beginning of your conclusion. This will encourage your readers to take an action.

The length of the conclusion will also vary depending on what you want to say to wrap everything up.

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Writing a Review Of a Product

Below, you will find a summarized list of do’s and don’ts to follow when writing product reviews for an affiliate site.


  • Add affiliate links at the beginning of the review
  • Incorporate a comparison table on the review page
  • Use subheadings to break up the content 
  • Include several affiliate links throughout the article
  • Incorporate honest customer impressions
  • Use strong CTAs in the introductory paragraph and the conclusion


  • Description of each product too brief
  • Leave out detailed and valuable information
  • Force people to buy
  • Overdo the affiliate links

Types Of Product Reviews You Can Write

There are many types of product reviews online. Some of them include:

  • Professional reviews from experts
  • Buyer’s guides 
  • Blogger reviews
  • Affiliate reviews
  • Customer reviews

You can choose one type from these reviews. But don’t limit yourself to these reviews. Other reviews are not listed above.

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Conclusion: How To Write a Review of a Product

Online reviews are a great way to monetize your blog, start your affiliate marketing business and get it up and running. It’s a proven method, and we’ve got hard data to back it up.

In the conclusion to your review, you need to offer your final opinion on the product or service you’re reviewing. Offer a summary that indicates whether or not you believe the product offers a good value.

  • Create product review summary box.

Provide your readers a call to action to click on. Secondly, capture buyers who looking for information about a product.

  • Indicatee who the product is for.

This is another important step in writing a review. Your review should indicate the product’s target market.

  • Introduce the solution with the product.

Talk about what the product does, what its capabilities are, and what results in its users can expect from it.

  • Explain the relationship between product features and benefits through case studies.

Teach them how to use the product and explain how to get real results from the product.

  • Show product alternatives.

If there are people that are not interested in buying the product, give them a list of alternatives. Simply include a section entitled “Alternatives” and list competitors.

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