How To Embed A Tweet In A WordPress Post Or Page

How To Embed A Tweet In WordPress

Do you want to learn how to embed a tweet in a WordPress Post? It’s very easy. WordPress has the built-in ability to incorporate tweets. 

So you will be able to embed a tweet in a WordPress Post in just a few steps.

Why embed tweets in WordPress?

Because Twitter is one of the largest and most well-known social media platforms available.

Twitter is one of the largest and most well-known social media platforms available.

How To Embed A Tweet In A WordPress Post 

First Step: Find the URL of the tweet

Use the URL of the tweet. Copy the URL from your browser’s address bar to the clipboard.

Second Step: Paste the Twitter URL

While in your WordPress dashboard, paste that URL into your post or page on a line on its own. Make sure it is not a link, just plain text.  

Third Step: Publish

Publish your post to enjoy a fully interactive tweet embedded on your site.

That’s it, you have embedded a tweet in your post.

How To Embed Hashtag Feeds In WordPress With A Plugin

I’ll demonstrate using the Smash Balloon Custom Twitter Feeds plugin.

Step 1. Install the plugin

First, install and activate the Smash Balloon Twitter Feeds plugin.

Step 2. Connect the plugin to your Twitter account

Select the new Twitter Feeds tab in your WordPress dashboard.

The plugin’s setup area has four steps. The first is the Configure tab. 

Click on the button to Log in to Twitter, which gives the plugin permission to import feeds using your Twitter account.

Click the Authorize app button to give the Smash Balloon Twitter Feed plugin access to your Twitter account.

Make sure to save your changes after the account is linked.

Step 3. Configure feed settings

In the Configure tab, scroll down to modify your Feed Settings. 

Step 4. Configure the layout for your feed

Save the changes and go to the Customize tab where there are settings to change the design of the Twitter feed.

You can adjust everything from the layout to what’s found in the tweets. You can also tell the plugin how many tweets you want to appear.

Step 5. Configure the style of your feed

The Style tab is for other appearance modifications like colors and text.

But remember always to save your settings before going to another tab.

Step 6. Display your feed

The final step is to Display Your Feed. There are two ways to display the feed, but the only one listed on this page is the shortcode method. 

Therefore, copy the given shortcode to your clipboard. Navigate to a new or old post or page in WordPress and paste the shortcode into a Shortcode block.

Then publish the post, and go to the front-end to see the tweets in action. 

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To embed a tweet in WordPress, you can use either a plugin or WordPress editor. The process is simple and fast.

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