How To Come Up With Awesome Blog Post Ideas: Beginner’s Guide

Best blog post ideas

Globally, there are thousands of people who start blogs nearly on every interesting topic imaginable daily. But some blog post ideas for beginners are not awesome. They need to be fine-tuned.

Anyone can build an audience online as long as they are dedicated and exercise patience. So just apply yourself to writing the best blog topics. You will be able to build an audience for your content.

But the challenge most bloggers face is that it’s extremely difficult to find unique blog ideas. Thus interesting blog topics aren’t always easy to brainstorm.

Therefore, in this article, I’ll talk about 38 content ideas that will help you succeed in your blogging. Just do the following:


Blog Post Ideas For Beginners

Here’s the list:

1. Express An Opinion Contrary To The Popular One

People have different opinions over many things. But if you critically analyze these options, you will be shocked to learn that not all of them are valid, and so you can craft headline and content ideas for your blog posts on such blog topics.

How can you do this successfully? Well, all you need to do is find the ones that have been accepted by most people and give a different view that is sensible. 

But going this route requires that you give valid reasons for contradicting what most people believe. You’ll be doing yourself a favor by backing your opinions with facts and numbers.

2. Movie Reviews Blog Post Ideas For Begginers

Start reviewing movies on your site. Movie reviews will help your readers decide which movies they should go and see, buy, and the ones they should avoid.

We all love good movies, and the fans will be yearning to find out which ones are good and the ones that you don’t recommend for your readers.

But remember that your reviews are just your opinions, and others may not share your opinion. Therefore, you should exercise fairness in your reviews so you can gain the trust of your readers.

3. Questions And Answers Articles

Prepare Questions and Answers depending on the questions people ask you. If you’re not getting enough questions to make a blog post idea, then you need to do research to find questions in your niche.

How can you do the research? Well,  simply go to your favorite online community type in the search box the following relative pronouns:

  • Who
  • What 
  • Where
  • When
  • Why 

 4. Compare And Contrast Blog Post Ideas For Begginers

If your content is about products, places, or services for different kinds of needs, then you can create a comparison and contrast article.

Take, for example, your first blog post idea could compare two products side by side for a particular service. Which is the best web hosting for a blog between Hostgator and Siteground?

If properly done, this blog idea will help your audience learn more about each option and help them make a better choice depending on their needs.

5. Personal Stories Blog Post Ideas

Think of an awesome personal experience in your life that you can share with your audience in one of your articles. People tend to remember information better when it comes to a story that they find entertaining.

6. Motivational Quotes For Your Niche

We are living in a hopeless society. So we need the motivation to instill hope in us. Find the right audience for your blog niche. For this reason, you can try publishing motivational quotes around your niche regularly. They are good though not the most popular blog idea.

7. Guest Posts

Invite people to contribute articles to your blog. Set out guidelines for how this should be done. Invite others who are knowledgeable in your niche to contribute their top blog topics.

You may start crafting the topic or you leave it to them. However, ensure that these guest posts provide value to your readers by writing interesting blog topics. If you do this, then it’s a great idea.

Unique Blog Post Ideas For Begginers

Are you thinking of unique blog post topics for your article? How can you come up with a list of unique blog topics? Here is how and where you can find unique blog topics for your new blog post:

8. Google Autocomplete

When brainstorming blog post topics, most bloggers go to Google and type in the search bar their focus key phrase topic to see what comes up.

However, before you complete your search, you can use Google’s autocomplete feature to come up with trending blog ideas you may not have thought of before which people are searching for.

9. Google Trends

Google trends is a great SEO tool that helps bloggers find the trending blog ideas in their niche. If you are looking to find topics that are gaining popularity, you will find them in the rising trend box. Google trends give you blog title ideas.

So this does not only help you find topics that people are actively searching for, but you can find “Related Queries” that are related to your first search.

10. Quora

Quora is one of the biggest online forums where people can post their questions about a host of topics and find answers to their questions from the Quora community.

What are the benefits of answering questions on Quora? Answering questions on Quora will benefit you in significant ways namely:

  • You will attract backlinks
  • It’s a platform where you will find blog post topics for your blog

11. Facebook Groups

Facebook is another great platform that hosts thousands of groups. These groups usually have thousands of members. You can find a group for almost all the niches. For example, there are Facebook groups that share tips on link building.

Therefore, by joining a Facebook group related to your blog niche or industry, you can discover what questions people have or even ask them what they’d like to know about your chosen blog topics.

12. Pinterest

Pinterest is less of a social media platform instead it’s more of a search engine. Therefore, this makes it an awesome tool for finding blog content ideas.

But how can you use Pinterest to find unique blog post headlines? You can do that using a feature called the “Trending Ideas” section to find topics that are trending. Alternatively,  you can start your search with a single keyword phrase and see what comes up.

These Pinterest search results will comprise a mixture of blog posts, images, and videos. Use them to discover what other brands are posting about so that you think of unique blog post topics of your own.

13. Answer the Public

Answer the public is the best free visual keyword research tool. This free visual keyword research tool generates a host of questions related to your focus blog topic. These are topics your audience may be searching for and thus can be interesting blog post topics.

Personal Blog Post Ideas For Begginers To Attract Readers

Tell your audience who you are and what you intend to do to help them sort out their problems. Share with them the following information:

14. Things People Don’t Know About You

Your audience may not know you very well. So share with them who you really are. Some of your important virtues and what you believe in as an individual. Tell them things that will help them understand you better.

15. Tell Them Your Favorite Movies

People have different tastes in almost everything including movies. Your audience may be curious to know your favorite movies. So make sure to share with them your favorite movies. This should be done in a bid to help them get to know you better.

16. Share With Them Your Favorite Childhood Memories

We all have childhood memories. So it’s just a natural desire to know the childhood memories of the people we interact with, especially those we look up to as role models. So your audience can’t wait to listen to your childhood memories.

17. Tell Them Your Embarrassing Story If There’s Any 

People don’t like sharing their negative stories with others. But show readers that you have a different outlook on life. Did you have an embarrassing moment in your life? Don’t hesitate to share that moment with your audience.

18. Your Greatest Success In Life

Did you have dreams or set out goals for yourself? Did you realize your goals? If you have scored any successes in your life, then be proud to share the success story with your readers. It might inspire them and draw them closer to you. 

19. Tell Them What A Typical Day In Your  Life Looks Like

Your readers may want to know how you spend your day. What you do and where you are found during the day. What keeps you busy?  Share with your audience how you start your day and what you do before sunset. They might be curious to know how you spend your day.

20. Things That Make You Happy

What things make you upset and what makes you happy? Reasons for happiness differ from one person to another. What makes you happy may not make someone else happy. So what is it that makes you happy? Share that information with your blog readers.

21. Lessons You Have Learnt From Your Parents

Those who are usually observant, they see what their parents do. Sometimes, you don’t need to be told what to do for you to know something. The actions of individuals might teach you important life lessons. In case, you learned something as you were interacting with your parents, share those lessons with others.

How To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

There are a few factors that you must consider before choosing a topic for your blog. Here’s the list of the factors:

22. Carry Out Research

It’s extremely important to research before writing any blog post. Your readers have the ability to tell whether you are providing the right information or not. Therefore, only pick those blog ideas you can research on and provide useful information.

23. Utilize Your Knowledge To Come Up Best Blog Post Ideas

Knowledge is an important prerequisite in writing awesome articles. When you write an article, ensure that you pick topics you are knowledgeable about. Prepare articles that answer your reader’s queries. So if you are not knowledgeable about the topic, try to research the blog topic.

24. Capitalize On Your Experience

There’s an old English adage that says,


experience is the greatest teacher.

If you have collected experience over the years, then provide a personal touch to your article. Whether you have come across any good or bad experience in your blogging career, share it with your readers. 

Simply pick a post idea that can accord you a chance to share your experience with readers. Readers love to read other’s experiences about blogging to help them succeed faster.

Blog Post  Ideas That Are On Demand

25. Politics

Today, people seem to be more interested in political issues. These issues become common during an election year. So at whatever level the election is being held, just initiate a political topic to discuss with your audience. What a great blog topic!

26. Use Recipes To Come Up With Blog Post Ideas

It’s one of the trending blog ideas. People want to experiment with different kinds of food. So they need different kinds of recipes in their quest to try out different types of food. Therefore, there are always new recipes to be discovered. So use this title to prepare content for your blog.

26. Beginner Guides

Offer help to beginners by preparing comprehensive beginner’s guides. This is an interesting blog topic. Make sure to write a guide that sorts out problems your readers are actually facing. If they find it useful, it might help them recognize you as an authority in your industry or niche.

28. Breaking News As A Headline Idea

Use your blog to discuss breaking news topics in your niche. If there’s a new development, be the first one to inform people about the development. But you need to be careful and ensure that you don’t give them false information.

29. Parenting Blog Post Ideas For Begginers

We have more teenage mothers today than before. Most don’t know how to look after a child. So they desperately need parenting tips. Prepare actionable parenting tips that parents will find useful.

30. Productivity Tips

Today, people don’t want to work harder but want to work smarter to produce results faster. So they are always looking for tools, technology, or tips to help them get more done. 

Thus in your blog post topics, incorporate interesting productivity tips showing how your product or service increases productivity or share which productivity tips and tricks are working for you.

31. Infographics

Infographic serves as visual content in your blog posts. How can you make maximum use of infographics? You can take this strategy to the next level by publishing blog posts that are only infographics.

Many websites are always looking for content that will help them improve their blog posts. If you can brainstorm relevant, accurate, and visually appealing infographics, these sites will use them in their blogs.

The people who see your infographics on other sites may click the link to visit your website. So, these links will also improve your SEO ranking.

Hence if necessary, hire someone to create an infographic for you. Incorporate it in your new blog post. Encourage your readers to share by providing a link for people to use.

32. Create Resources For Your Blogs

What are resources? In this context, this is a list of helpful posts, websites, toolsets, and books. Create a page where you are going to share the tools you use on your blog with your readers.

33. Write A Life History Of Someone Influential

Do you have in mind the name of an Influential figure in your niche? Their story might inspire someone. So write a description and an analysis of a thought leader in your industry. To benefit, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What have you learned from them?
  • How have they influenced you?

These questions should be answered in the article. Take advantage of such blog post topics.

Blog Post Ideas For Begginers That Make Money

If you’re looking for blog post topics that will help you make money, then consider writing articles on the following topics:

34. Highlight Common Mistakes

This is a great headline idea. Write about common mistakes people in your industry make that make most people not prosper. People love reading about other people or company’s mistakes. Creating common mistake blogs is simple to do and it helps people avoid making them.

35. Come Up With Video Blog Post Ideas

Most people prefer video content to traditional text-based content. So short video topics can make your blog perform better. Embed YouTube videos into their website content. You will also generate extra income from the videos themselves on platforms like YouTube.

36. Email Marketing

Email marketing is an awesome way to drive customers to your products. So you can generate more sales and ad revenue with a successful email campaign.

37. Debunk Myths In Your Field

Sometimes a myth becomes so standard that people actually believe in them.

Provide solid evidence and facts. This will establish you as an authority in the industry and it’s a great way to build your reputation.

So how can you do this successfully?

Simply look up myths and state why they are wrong. You can even use it as a way to promote certain products or services you offer.

38. Interview Influencers In Your Field

Look for these experts and have an interview with them. Then publish the interview for your visitors to read.

Interviews are a great way to get your audience excited. Industry experts and influencers have inside tips they can share with your audience.

In the end, you will attract your guest’s followers to your content and the opposite is also true. Therefore, it’s a win-win situation for all the parties involved and this makes it one of the best business blogging ideas.

Summary: Blog Post Ideas For Begginers

If you have no idea, you are struggling to come up with a topic to write about, always refer to these ideas, and you will have several blog post topics in your head.

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