How To Come Up With a Great Eye-Catching Blog Name

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Are you looking for ideas to help you on how to come up with a great name for your blog?

I was once in your shoes a few years back. I didn’t know how to name my first WordPress site.

Well, it is a challenge for beginner bloggers. Most of them don’t know how to name a website.

I don’t want you to waste much of your time as I did some years back. 

I have prepared this guide to help you pick a great name for your blog easily and faster irrespective of your blog niche.

What Is a Blog Name?

Simply put, a blog name is a name readers use to identify your blog. You need to pick a good name.

For example, the name of this website you are reading is Visionary Blogger.

A good blog name is something that is short, unique, memorable, free of any symbols, and contains some of your keywords.

The features make it easier for those who are interested in the topic to locate your blog.

Your blog’s name will tell people something about you and your site, so make a strong first impression.

A great website name is part of branding, ranking online, and attracting an audience.

10 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Decide On a Blog Name

  • Is it short and easy to remember? Make that it is short and easy to remember.
  • What will the domain look like? Ensure that your domain or URL looks clean.
  • Is it eye-catching? Endeavor to have an eye-catching name.
  • Does it appeal to the hearts of my readers? Come up with a great blog name that is appealing.
  • Is it easy to pronounce? Target easy to pronounce names.
  • What is my target audience? It should be determined by your target audience.
  • Is it unique? Make sure that it stands out from your competition.
  • Does it incorporate my blog niche? It’s not mandatory but always yearn to incorporate your niche.
  • Is it flexible? Decide on a name that will still be used even after changing your site niche.
  • Will it suit my blog for many years to come? Pick a name that you will stick with for years.

Types Of Blog Names

Generally, there are two crucial kinds of blog domain names, namely:

  • Brand Based Names
  • Keyword Based Names

1. Brand Based Names

These are names that are coined from short words. Normally, these words are easy to read, remember and spell. 

Apple, eBay, Alibaba, and Nokia are the best examples of brand-based names.

Is there a yardstick followed in coining brand-based names? Well, not really. Though there’s a principle that needs to be considered. 

What is that principle?

The coined name must be appealing to the hearts of the people. Not only that but it should also be eye-catching.

2. Keyword Based Names

By definition, a keyword is a word that internet users type in search engine bars when looking for information online. 

This blog teaches people how to start a blogger, grow and monetize it. To illustrate what a keyword is, a good example of a Keyword is, “blogging tips.” 

To come up with a great blog name that has a keyword, you can use “blogging tips” as your Keyword-based name or as your blog domain name.

Keyword-based names are important since they help your blog visitors to quickly know what your blog is all about.

Why Do Good Blog Names Matter?

  • It increases your brand recognition.
  • People remember the name easily.
  • Visitors easily spell your site name.
  • It makes your WordPress blog or website look professional.
  • Helps your website visitors to know what your blog is all about.

Ideas On How To Come Up With a Great Blog Name

  1. Use a Blog Name Generator

A blog name generator will help you to come up with an awesome blog name.

To get started, all you have to do is enter a couple of keywords and let the tool find some unique combinations. 

Here’s a snapshot of names it found from the words “Visionary Blogger”:

  1. Use Abbreviations Or Acronyms

If the blog name you want to use is long, consider abbreviating it or using its acronyms. This way, it will become short.

The other advantage is that abbreviations are easier to remember and avoid any typos when people enter the name in their browsers.

  1. Pick a Random Name

It’s possible to choose a blog name that has no connection with what you blog about but the name is great.

However, it is not a very good idea to choose a name that is not related to what you blog about. 

People may not be able to associate it with what you blog about. 

  1. Employ Your Own Name

Is it a good idea to use your own name as your blog name? It depends on what your blog is going to be about.

If you are creating a personal blog, then you can consider using your name as your blog’s name. 

There are many popular blogs named after the bloggers’ names.

Thus if you have a personal blog that’s going to be about you, your life, or your services, then using your name may work very well.

  1. Use a Dictionary

Look up certain words in the dictionary. Critically analyze their meaning and find synonyms. 

Use either the words you are looking up in the dictionary or their synonyms as a name for a dream WordPress site.

  1. Use Your Keywords

When people see your blog name and keywords, they will immediately know what your blog or website is about.

Thus, keywords are very crucial for the success of a blog. So they should be part of your blog name. 

However, you must combine keywords with other words to make your domain name unique.

  1. It Should Be Short

Good blog names must be short. A great domain name should have a maximum of 15 characters. Short blog domain names are easy to remember.

  1. Must Be Easy To Pronounce And Spell

Easy to pronounce and spell means easy to remember. You want to be able to easily share its domain with everyone, preventing typos, errors, and mistakes.

  1. Use Compound Names

To come up with a great blog name, pair relevant words together and create a compound word. Mix and match different words until you find the perfect blog name. 

Best Blog Name Generators

Blog Domain name generators combine words randomly with your main keywords to enable you to find available blog names for your new blog.

1. Nameboy

Nameboy is a free name searching machine that is easy to use, and highly efficient. One of the best blog name generators.

To generate blog names, simply enter your keyword and click the ‘Submit button. 

It will generate several creative blog names based on your keyword.

Then choose the best name from hundreds of results. 

If you don’t find a great new domain, search again using different keyword combinations – synonyms, and more.

After you select a new name for your blog, click the ‘View Details’ button next to the blog name you have chosen. 

You will be directed to the Bluehost website to register your blog name and also buy hosting.

The benefit of purchasing hosting from Bluehost is that you will get 60% off on WordPress hosting, free SSL, and a free domain name.

2. is a great domain name registrar and also a powerful blog and a business name generator. It generates tons of blog names.

How does work?

When you key in the browser a keyword, it checks the availability of the .com domain for the particular word. 

If the domain name extension is not available, it reveals other related names. 

It shows both new and premium domain names. Simply scroll down the page to see more blog name suggestions.

Thus once you pick your blog name, you can go ahead to register that name. is a great place for domain registration.

3. Lean Domain Search

Lean Domain Search is an easy-to-use blog name generator tool. It is run by Automattic, the company behind

Once you enter your keywords, it will show a list of blog name suggestions in the blink of an eye. When you find an ideal name,  click on it to check its availability. 

If it is available, you will see registration options with Bluehost or  

Once you pick,  you will use the website builder. 

However, if you want to host your blog yourself on a great blogging platform, I recommend you register your blog name and buy hosting at Bluehost.

Another incredible thing about Lean Domain Search is that it also searches for name availability on social media platforms.

8. NameMesh

NameMesh takes a unique approach. It furnished users with great blog names and ideas in several categories.

You will access tons of blog name suggestions for all the categories displayed. 

Thus it becomes easier for you to come up with a great blog name.

To choose a name, click on it. It will direct you to the GoDaddy website for registration. However, this is optional.

If you wish, you can also register with other registrars like Bluehost, and SiteGround.

9. IsItWP 

IsItWP generates hundreds of clever name suggestions and helps you to choose the best names for your blog.

To generate the name suggestions, enter your keywords and click the ‘Generate Names’ button. Next, you will be shown tons of names based on your keywords.

Advantages Of Using a Blog Name With Your Name

There are some advantages of choosing your blog name after your name:

1. It builds a personal brand

People who visit your website on the internet and social media will get to know the brand and yourself. This will help in building a strong personal brand.

It can help you build and establish yourself as an influencer in the industry that you are working in.

2. Makes your blog unique

Another benefit is that it makes your blog stand out from the rest of the competition. The readers will get to know the real person running the blog.

3. Time-saving measure

If you are thinking about starting a blog then the first thing you need to do is to select the domain name and name for your website and

Sitting down to find the right domain name for your blog takes up much time. Valuable time should be spent on growing your blog and audience.

Disadvantages Of Using a Blog Name With Your Name 

  1. It is difficult to sell the blog

It is extremely difficult to sell a blog that is bearing the name of an individual. 

People don’t want to run blogs that are associated with other people. If you intend to sell it, then don’t name it after yourself.

  1. Readers Won’t Know What You Blog About

The disadvantage of using your name for your blog is that people who visit your website may not know what your blog is all about.

  1. Maybe Difficult To Spell and Remember

This is a disadvantage of choosing your blog name after yourself is that it is difficult to spell. Of course, some names are easy to remember and spell.

However, if you use names that are difficult to spell and remember, it becomes a problem. 

Buy a Blog Domain Name

If you want to buy a domain name, there are important things you need to take into consideration.

These steps apply to everyone wishing to buy a domain name no matter where you choose to register your domain name.

Here are the general steps:

  • Pick a domain name

Decide how you want people to perceive your brand. What impression will your domain name give your readers and customers? 

This should give you an idea of what a domain name your website needs.

  • Verify the domain name’s availability

Look for a domain name registrar or finder. Visit their website. Find the section on the site that lets you enter the domain name to check whether it’s available. 

If the domain name isn’t available as a .com, try the other domain name extensions such as .net or .info.

  • Buy the domain name

Register your domain name for a WordPress blog or site with a

domain registrar.

A Domain registrar or finder is a company that is certified and approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) to sell and administer domain names.

Once you complete the checkout process, you receive an email confirming your purchase, so use a valid email address during the registration process.

  • Then obtain a hosting account.

Some of the domain registrars or finders even offer hosting services. So you can sign up with the one you feel is ideal and suits your pocket.

I recommend Hostinger. Because of its high performance, competitive prices, and many other features.

What Is a Blog Domain Name?

A domain name is the address of your website people type into their browsers to locate your website. For example,

This stresses the importance of having a memorable, unique, optimized blog name. It will be remembered easily by people.

Where To Buy a Domain Name

This is where you check the availability of the domain name and register your own domain name. Get a domain name for free.

Before you buy a domain name, check whether the domain name is available.

There are thousands of domain finders and registrars the world over. It’s important to choose carefully because it can be challenging to move your domain later on.

Where can you find a free domain with web hosting?

If you are looking to start a new website, then take advantage of this offer and get your domain name for free.

Below are the two WordPress hosting companies that are offering my readers over 60% off web hosting, a free SSL certificate, and a free domain name:

Bluehost is one of the oldest and largest brand names when it comes to web hosting. They’re an official “WordPress” recommended hosting provider.

HostGator is another popular web hosting provider and domain name finder that’s offering a free domain name with very affordable website hosting options.

This offer for free domain registration is for 1 year only. So how much is domain name renewal after the year elapses?

The domain name renewal price is around $14 per year.

If your domain name is available, take advantage of the free domain for the first year, get it for free.

How Does a WordPress Blog Domain Name Work?

The domain name acts as the address of your website. To find your blog, readers will have to use the domain name.

They will either enter it into their browser address bar or have found it in a web search on the Search Engine Results Page (SERP). 

This is the page that is displayed with results on it after a search.

If your blog name shows what you write about on your blog, then people visit your website for such information. 

For example, This is crystal clear that you will find blogging tips on the blog.

Picking a Blog Domain Name Using The Right Finder

How to Choose The Perfect Domain Name?

If you are a beginner blogger, choosing a good domain name is not easy. It’s a difficult task. Globally, over 350 million domain names are already registered.

Does this mean that there are no new domain names? Far from the truth!

If the domain name you want is not available, then think of a different one. 

Here are a few tips to help you find the perfect domain name for your WordPress blog:

  • Choose the .com domain name extension.
  • Pick a domain name that is easy to remember.
  • Easy to spell and represents your brand.
  • Avoid hyphens and numbers in domain names.
  • Use keywords associated with your business. 

For example, the domain name extension of this blog you are reading is

List Of Popular Domain Finder And Registrar – Where To Buy Domain Name Of a Website

If you just want to register a domain name without purchasing hosting, then you can do that by purchasing it from a domain name registrar. is one of the best domain registrars and domain finders on the market. 

They offer smart search features, premium domains, and all the necessary tools to manage your domain names. is another popular domain registrar and finder with thousands of domains registered.

GoDaddy is the largest domain registrar in the world. They manage over 63 million domain names for over 14 million customers.

They also offer web hosting plans as well and domain names with email.

For example, if you are using a name that is not English, remembering it may be difficult.

20 Unique Name For a WordPress Blog Site Or Website

  • Top Seo
  • Dominate Seo
  • Solid Seo
  • Fix Seo
  • Global Seo
  • Artificial Seo
  • Trend Blog
  • Tide Blog
  • Titan Blog
  • Dynamic Blog
  • Blognetic
  • Rank Seo
  • Wired Seo
  • Zone Seo
  • Seek Blog
  • Flight Blog
  • Play Blog
  • Strategy Blog
  • Bot Blog
  • Pursuit Blog

How To Come Up With a Great Blog Name Summary

There are important things that should guide you to come up with a great blog name. What are they?

  • Blog your niche, 
  • Your target audience, 
  • Products you produce, and
  • The services you offer.

However, it is important that you should take your time. Don’t hasten. Because it’s an important decision that will impact your future business.

Try to use blog name tools. Play around with words. Once you find new blog ideas, pick one and register it at Namecheap.

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