Costco Affiliate Program: Make More Than $1,000/Month

Costco affiliate program

Looking for an affiliate program in the food industry. Well, try the Costco affiliate program.

They offer a commission of $6 using their session-based cookie duration. They have a higher conversion rate than most of their competitors.

Costco is a reputable company with several stores in tens of thousands of locations across the world.

About The Company: Overview

Costco Wholesale Corporation is known simply as Costco. It’s an American multinational corporation that operates a chain of membership-only big-box retail stores.

In 2020, Costco was the fifth largest retailer in the world,  and the world’s largest retailer of choice and prime beef, organic foods, and rotisserie chicken. 

In March 2021, Costco had 804 warehouses worldwide:

  • 558 in the United States, 
  • 103 in Canada, 
  • 39 in Mexico, 
  • 29 in the United Kingdom, 
  • 27 in Japan, 
  • 16 in South Korea, 
  • 14 in Taiwan, 
  • 13 in Australia, 
  • 4 in Spain, 
  • 2 in France, 
  • 1 in Iceland and 
  • 1 in mainland China. 

Costco regularly opens new locations. 

Costco Affiliate Program Review

The program is hosted on the CJ Affiliate network, Flex Offers, and recently the Razing network.

Costco offers three types of Membership namely:

  • Gold Star Membership $60
  • Gold Star Executive $120
  • Business Membership $120

You will get a $3 commission for every Gold Star membership purchase, and for an Executive membership purchase, you will receive a $6 commission.

For example, if you send a visitor to their website and they purchase goods for $1000. You will just earn $6 for a Gold Star purchase.

This affiliate program is currently available only in the US. So if you live here and have a Gold Star or Executive membership, you can join this program to promote Costco through your website.

Costco Affiliate Program is Recommended For …

  • Bloggers
  • Content Websites
  • Review Websites
  • Content Creators 
  • News Sites
  • Media Buyers

Costco Affiliate Program Commission Rates

  • The affiliate program allows you to earn up to $6 commission
  • $3 commission for Gold Star Membership purchases
  • $6 commission for Executive Membership purchases
  • Session-based cookie
  • Tracking dashboard
  • Affiliate team

Costco Affiliate Payouts

This is a payout threshold you need to reach to get paid your commission. There are two methods of payments namely direct bank account and by check.

For you to be paid directly into your account, you need to earn at least $50 

or $100 to get paid by check.

When you earn a commission, your commission will be deposited into your account or sent to you by check, every 30 days.

The implication is that the commission you earn today WON’T actually be deposited into your account until 30 days from now.

Cookie Duration

This program has a session-based cookie duration. It’s a session-based cookie because it is erased immediately after the visitor closes their browser.

How To Make 0 In a Month

To determine what is involved in making $600, let’s do some calculations.

Suppose you earn a $6 commission. To earn $600, you have to make 100 sales. This is possible if you have a well-established website that is receiving decent traffic.

It’s Crystal clear that your website should have decent traffic to make decent money.

Pros And Cons Of The Affiliate Program


  • It’s a reputable company

It is widely known in North America. But it has now continued to expand worldwide. It has a conversion rate of 99.81% in the United States.

So it is easy for you to convert the traffic into new members and get more commission.

  • The payout threshold is pretty low

They will not wait for your total commission to cross thousands of dollars to pay you. The money will be sent to your bank account which you can withdraw at any time.

  • Awesome support 

The affiliate program offers you the support you need to succeed. They have a team of dedicated and full-time affiliate managers.

So if you have any queries or complaints, you can contact the company’s affiliate team via email.

  • You can promote a variety of products in their online store

They sell a variety of products in their online store. So you have options of what products to promote. You can choose products that fit your brand.

  • Has an international affiliate program

Unlike other affiliate programs, the Costco affiliate program has an international affiliate program. This means that you can promote the program irrespective of your country.

  • Offers visitors discounted items

Discounts encourage people to buy their items which is a good thing for a marketer. The discounts increase conversions. Hence you make a lot of money.

  • They boast of about 100 million members

This membership clearly shows that they are on the right trajectory. Don’t hesitate! Join the affiliate program and start earning money instantly.


  • Their affiliate commission rate is extremely low

Costco pays $3 for Gold Star membership purchases and $6 for executive memberships. The rate is extremely low to attract anyone to this affiliate program.

Their commission rate leaves a lot to be desired. You will need thousands of visitors in order to generate a lot of money in affiliate commissions.

  •     Session-based cookie duration

When a user leaves, the Cookie is erased or deleted. So when a reader who visits the site is disturbed, you will need to get paid any commission even if they make a purchase.

  • Payouts are only paid USA affiliates

The drawback of the program is that only the United States affiliates are eligible to receive commission payouts.

  •  Incompetent affiliate team

They always say that they have an efficient and dedicated affiliate team. However, the team doesn’t seem to perform to the expectations of their clients.

  • Non availability of marketing tools

Costco Doesn’t provide marketing tools such as banners and creative assets. This makes it difficult for you to succeed in your affiliate program.

  • Doesn’t pay based products sold

A major drawback is that the company does not pay commissions on the number of products sold through your website, just the total memberships. 

Even that depends on membership level, with affiliates earning only $3 for standard membership purchases and $6 for more expensive executive memberships. 

  • Lacks an affiliate landing page

There’s no landing page to outline the company’s affiliate programs. You will find this program on CJ Affiliate’s website only by chance.

  • Deep linking is unavailable

Deep linking is where a marketer creates a link to a particular page on the merchant’s website. 

You link to an article that relates to yours. This sends traffic directly to that website’s sales page. Costco affiliate programs, however, don’t have this feature.

Factors To Consider When Choosing An Affiliate Program

There are thousands of affiliate programs. But you promote the best ones. So how do you set apart the best affiliate programs?

Choose an affiliate program to join based on the following criteria:

  • Commission rate
  • Cookie duration
  • Conversion rate
  • Earnings per click (EPC)
  • Payment terms
  • Merchant ratings and reviews

Why You Join The Costco Affiliate Program

  • They have a host of products and services you can promote from 20 different departments.
  • The conversion rate is high
  • Their ads perform well
  • It’s well known brand around the globe

Sign up and get your unique Costco affiliate link.

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The commission rate is up to $6 per membership with a one-time payment. The payment, however, is nonrecurring. The payment threshold is $50 or $100 directly into a bank account or checks respectively. 

Costco’s affiliate program is based on cost per sale (CPA). So when a potential member decides to sign up and becomes a member, you get paid.


  • Freedom to promote any item they sell in their online store
  • They have low Payout threshold to help new publishers
  • There are over 4000 items in their stock
  • They offer several discounted items


  • They offer low affiliate commission Session-based cookie duration
  • Only United States affiliates are eligible to receive commission payouts

Should you join the affiliate program? Share your views in the comments section below.

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