Chime Affiliate Program Review: Make More Than $1,000/Month

Chime affiliate program

If you are looking for a mobile banking affiliate program app, then look no further than the Chime affiliate program.

The affiliate program offers you a great opportunity for you to earn some extra money by promoting their app to your followers and fans. 

About The Company: Overview

Chime is an online bank that provides services for real estate agents. 

The company was founded in California in 2013, and its executives are Chris Britt and Ryan King.

It is an online banking service that has expanded its product line and is constantly adding new features. 

It also helps people keep track of their spending and account balance. Most banking applications don’t have these features. 

In March 2021, the company launched a P2P payment service that will compete with Zelle and Square Cash. 

While it does not have a banking license, it has been working hard to build its user base and make it more popular.

Chime Affiliate Program Review

The company launched its affiliate program in September 2013, and it has been growing ever since. 

It is now the highest-valued Fin-Tech consumer startup in the U.S., surpassing Robinhood

This program is made up of four different products: CRM, IDX, team management, and lead generation. They also offer a referral reward program. 

When an affiliate joins, he or she will be assigned a unique URL to promote. Then, the Chime Business Development team will work with the affiliate to coach them on how to sell the product. 

New customers who sign up on the unique URL will be routed to the Affiliate SWAT Sales Team, who will know how to coach them and help them get started. 

This commission is paid quarterly, based on how many new members join the Chime network.

The commission of the affiliate program has a low-risk and high-reward system. 

The platform is easy to use and offers many features to make marketing your property easier. 

For example, you can set up an ad campaign with a specific keyword. 

The system will automatically generate a unique ad based on this keyword and show it to your customers. Then, you can share this ad link with your clients.

This company offers a commission to its affiliates, and you can apply to become an affiliate by filling out an online form. It is a fast-growing company with many benefits for its affiliates. 

To join the program, you simply need to sign up on the company’s website. Once approved, you can begin earning commissions from the first sale you make.

Chime Affiliate Program Commission Rates

The Commission of this affiliate program is designed to help entrepreneurs make money by promoting a small business product.

Chime’s referral program is the most attractive feature of the Chime affiliate program. 

When a friend opens a Chime account through your referral link, you will get a $100 bonus. 

You can refer as many people as you wish, but you are limited to one referral bonus per person. A year’s worth of rewards is $1,000. 

The Chime referral bonus is paid to the referring member within two business days.

The affiliate program is popular with people who are interested in the company’s services and products. 

The company is now open to all types of advertisers and offers a variety of creatives.

Chime Affiliate Program: Pros And Cons

One of the benefits of using Chime is the fact that it is easy to qualify. Even people with bad credit can open an account. 

The mobile app and website make it easy to conduct banking transactions on the go. Another benefit of Chime is that you can engage in traditional banking activities. 

After using the service for a few months, most customers find it difficult to miss the traditional banking experience. 

Moreover, most consumers want to have free access to their accounts, a debit card, and the ability to improve their credit scores. 

However, the actual banking services are provided by Stride Bank and The Bancorp Bank.

The other main advantage of using Chime is that it does not have a brick-and-mortar branch. In addition, you can only use the online banking service from your mobile device. 

It does not offer traditional banking services. Nonetheless, it offers mobile support and no fees. 

In addition, you can manage your account with Chime from wherever you are. Hence, you can easily earn money through Chime.

However, there are some disadvantages associated with Chime. In addition to the lack of transparency, it does not offer any compensation plan. 

You can only earn from deposits made from the funds that you generate through Chime. In addition to that, there are no fees for making deposits with Chime. 

Besides, the payouts are not instant. Besides, they require a minimum deposit of $50. You also have to worry about shady practices.


If you are looking for a new way to make money online, you should consider joining the Chime affiliate program.

If you’re an agent looking for a lead management system that helps you manage a growing business and minimize your tools, consider signing up for Chime. 

The software offers a comprehensive lead management system for real estate agents, allowing them to convert leads without leaving their Facebook accounts. 

Chime is easy to use, with an online banking experience that’s free and convenient. They also have no minimum balance requirements.  

In April 2020, Chime started paying stimulus checks to its affiliates for new accounts. 

To become a member of the Chime affiliate program, you must fill out an online form on their website,

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